Torres Elementary

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Dress Code

The District’s dress code reflects high expectations for success for all students. It promotes school safety, teaches cooperation, grooming, hygiene, respect for authority, and instills self-discipline. The dress code prepares students for future settings.
Dress and Grooming Guidelines for Grades Pre-K through 5
All clothing must be appropriately sized. Clothing may not be over-sized or baggy.
• Shirts that are not tucked in must be neatly hemmed and fall no longer than the fingertips while standing. If the shirt does not comply with these standards, it must be tucked in. 
• The midriff section must be kept covered. Female students’ necklines must not show cleavage.
• Tank tops, halter tops, muscle shirts, string straps, or shirts with torn out/frayed sleeves are not permitted. White undershirts worn by themselves are not permitted. Male students may not wear sleeveless shirts.
• Outerwear is defined as anything worn over the standardized dress, such as, but not limited to hoodies, jackets and coats.
• All jackets, sweaters and sweatshirts must be appropriately sized.
• Hoods on jackets or sweaters cannot be worn on the head in any building.
• Shorts, skorts, or pants may not be oversized or of a baggy style
• Shorts and skorts must be no shorter than fingertip length while standing.
• Pajama bottoms, biking shorts, wind shorts, and workout shorts are not permitted. Leggings are permitted under skirts and dresses only.
• Pants and shorts must be appropriately fitted and not reveal undergarments or buttocks.
Skirts/Split Skirts/Dresses
• Skirts and dresses must be no shorter than three (3) inches above the knee while standing. The “top of the slit on the skirt/dress" must be no higher than three (3) inches above the knee while standing.
Hair/Facial Hair
• Hair must not cover the eyes.
• Hair must be of a natural color.
• Mohawk haircuts are not allowed.
• Hair nets, hair curlers, and hair accessories, such as, but not limited to, oriental hair pins, hat pins, or genie cones that could be used to hurt others are not permitted.
• Shoes shall be worn at all times.
• Shoes should be appropriate for identified physical and instructional activities.
• Shoes with taps, grooves, wheels, house shoes/house slippers, and rubber shower shoes (three prong) are not allowed.
• Accessories such as wallet/pocket chains, spiked dog collars, and dagger rings, which can be deemed dangerous or inappropriate are not allowed.
• Earrings may not be worn by male students, nor be covered with bandages. Females may wear no more than two earrings per ear. Earrings worn anywhere except the ears are prohibited for all students.
• Bandanas are not permitted on campus.
• Headgear, caps, and hats will not be permitted on campus unless a written statement of medical need is provided.
Fabrics and Undergarments
• See-through material and torn/frayed clothing that shows skin is not permitted.
• Appropriate undergarments will be worn and should not be visible.
Glasses/Contact Lenses
• Dark-lensed glasses are not permitted unless a written statement of medical need is provided by a physician or eye care specialist. • Contact lenses that are not natural color and are disruptive to the educational environment will not be permitted.