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Box Tops For Education

Torres Tiger Projects                                Box Tops for Education

Help support Torres Elementary by sending in those Box Tops for Education. Each Box Top is worth 10 cents, and they add up quickly! If every child brought only 10 Box Tops each year, we would raise at least $500.00! Since this is a year-round project, saving and submitting goes on all the time, so our actual earnings could be higher.

These rectangular red "coupons" appear on numerous items we all use every day. Look around - you'll probably see several in your home already. Check the General Mills cereal boxes, Ziploc brand bags, Betty Crocker baking mixes, Pillsbury dough products, Scott brand paper products, Hamburger and Tuna Helper, Fruit Roll-ups and similar snacks, just to name a few.

Redeeming Box Tops is easy:

1. Check all wrappers before disposing or recycling - participating brands change often and sometimes the "coupon" is hard to find.

2. Have your child give the Box Tops to the homeroom teacher, who will send them to Mr. Torres

Also, browse the official Box Tops website for ways to participate online and to learn more about the various promotions that support our schools.

If there are any questions about Box Tops, or if you are willing to help, feel free to contact Mr. Torres through the school email or phone. Let's make this a banner year for Box Tops!!

Luis Torres

3rd Grade Teacher