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What's Happening in ART!

Kecia Garcia, Art Teacher
Welcome to our wonderful campus! I have the privilege of being in the best seat in the house! Or rather, the best room on campus (in my opinion, of course!). I get to be the art teacher for the very best kids in Victoria - our Torres Tigers!  
This is my 20th year to be teaching at VISD and my 11th year here at Torres. I am an original tiger and wear my tiger stripes with pride.  I love this campus and the students and I honestly cannot imagine being anywhere else. 
I am honored to their teacher. My job is to inspire these students and to teach them the very most basic of art concepts while allowing them to use all kinds of mediums they may have never had the chance to use. We color, paint, watercolor. We use pastels, charcoal, and even make paper mache'. We have a kiln to fire our own clay projects, too!  
I want to let them know their imagination is endless! Art is a way of expressing themselves and their feelings but also can be therapeutic on a rough day and celebratory on their best day! Art is everywhere and everything! And bonus - no mistakes in art. Knowing that alone, gives these students to confidence to explore without boundaries whether they be in my classroom or anywhere else in this world. 
In our class, grades K - 5th create portfolios where all of our art is kept throughout the year. At the end of the school year, it is returned all in one piece. My hope is that they will accumulate many of these and see for themselves how much they have grown as artist. Feel free to check them out when you are visiting our campus!  Because we also do collaborative projects and murals as well, not all their work will be contained in the portfolio.  
Looking forward to a wonderful, colorful, year!
Kecia Garcia
VISD Elementary Art Facilitator